Online gambling and sports betting always on the web grows every day. More and more companies manage to obtain foreign or Italian licenses, more and more companies specialize in the creation of electronic games and virtual rooms from reliable games. Sports betting is officially gambling but with the latter term more games like roulette and slot machines, scratch cards, Bingo and various lotteries are associated.

Sports betting is a world apart and gigantic because of the endless sports that exist, the addition of a wider list between esports and virtual sports, the numerous types of betting that exist. The gamble in the electronic game or from room, also virtual, always sees the choice on an event or on the outcome of a game but does not open a ticket, you see only the bill go down or go up.

What is Betn1? Why do we talk about it so much?

Betn1 is a bookmaker that offers sports betting, casino games, virtual sports and live poker. It offers everything on the web using the best graphics, security technologies, games and live streaming sports.

It has no Italian license and is acting to obtain it, work with authorization issued by the IMG in Italy recognized by the Supreme Court as valid. In fact, Betn1 on its website has created a banner where it informs visitors and fans of sports betting that is opening the first physical realities. Virtual game points connected to real agencies, tobacconists and other affiliated exercises. The name has become the focus of anti-mafia investigations due to the opening of fictitious agencies by people affiliated to the Calabrian Andrangheta. However, agencies were also closed that were not considered valid, the process carried on until the Court of Cassation instead considered valid the initials IMG in Italy because it was an internationally recognized entity. This topic is again at the centre of political, economic and fiscal interest. Among Malta, other international licensing countries, Italy is addressing the issue of hidden evasion through the online betting gambling platform.

What does Betn1 offer? How to subscribe to the platform

Betn1 offers sports betting on multiple sports. Automatic and live casino games, two sections dedicated to esports and virtual sports. The platform is easy to use and is translated into Italian, even games have introductory guides and tables all in Italian. Casino games can be tested in demo mode to have fun. To bet and use real money you have to register.

The subscription allows the creation of the account, is a simple operation that provides several steps. Starting from the choice of an input email, a phone number to receive information and request data, a password. Phone and mail will be requested during the first confirmation of data and will be very useful in case you forget your password.

Two more steps include completing a new module and creating the game account. You can use several different and many different financial acronyms to deposit money for betting and withdraw winnings or funds.

How to bet and how to play in casinos

When the registration is completed and the account is validated, you can start playing using also the welcome and promotional bonuses that the platform offers. Sports betting is of different types, can be single or multiple, there are also differences between how you choose the outcomes of a match and the results. Bets in casino games are different because they do not have a multiplying share as is the case in sports. There are combinations to be taken through the slot reel, a scratch card, the round of the bullet, a roulette round. This also applies to the cards where you win or lose depending on the course of the game and the luck you have.